Today I’ll be covering a few ways you can make Windows 10 simpler, more functional, and more beautiful. There’s a lot of bloat and unnecessary UI elements in Windows 10 you can remove, a single key you can press to make opening the apps you want even faster, and a few settings to adjust to make Windows 10 work even better for you. Steps 1-6 can be done without installing any extra software.

00:47 – 1. Introduction to the Windows Key + desktop cleanup
03:00 – 2. Clean up your Start Menu
04:54 – 3. Enable Focus Assist in the Action Center
05:42 – 4. Save Taskbar space
09:41 – 5. Customize the look and feel of Windows
12:00 – 6. Audit your installed apps’ footprints
14:53 – 7. Use WinAeroTweaker for more fine-tuning (Advanced)
17:41 – BONUS: Windows10Debloater (Advanced)

Download WinAeroTweaker: