I leak VERY early AMD Zen 6 EPYC details, talk about Lovelace segmentation, and more LIVE!
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0:00 Intro Rambling
3:10 AMD Zen 6 EPYC is Called “Venice” – and it is another big deal!
5:40 R7 5800X3D Thoughts, Vcache in Gaming CPUs
10:37 AMD Phoenix, Future Mega APUs, AMD Professional Features in RDNA 3
24:57 Where are the HBM GPUs?!
29:36 Nvidia Blackwell vs RDNA 4
32:20 900w 4090 Ti?! 350w 4080?! How will Lovelace Segment Power?!
39:18 RDNA 3 Power Floor, FSR 2.0
42:39 PlayStation 5 SSD Utilization, VRR Performance, Future PC Load Times
52:32 Navi 33 with 8GB – should people keep freaking out in the comments?
56:45 Zen 4 DDR5, Zen 5 big.LITTLE
1:04:25 Wait or buy a GPU now?!
1:11:20 Intel Raptor Lake vs Zen 4
1:19:42 Intel ARC Alchemist Launch, Battlemage Expectations
1:24:45 Next Gen GPU Volume Whispers
1:29:00 Recent Games Tom’s Played, games to look forward to, underrated…