In this video, JJ from ASUS walks you through overclocking Intel 12th Gen K series CPUs on ASUS Z690 motherboards using ASUS AiOC.

In this overview and overclocking walkthrough/guide, you will gain a complete understanding of how ASUS AiOC works, what overclocking is, and the benefits of using ASUS AiOC versus traditional overclocking methods.

See how easy it is to overclock any 12th Gen K series CPU, whether a 12600K, 12700K, or 12900K with ASUS AiOC. More importantly, your overclocked is specific to your CPU cooler and your motherboard and can yield impressive results ranging exceeding 5.4 to 5.5GHz!

0:00 – Intro
0:45 – Which CPUs support overclocking?
1:02 – Which motherboards support ASUS AiOC?
1:50 – What is overclocking?
2:29 – Why overclock?
3:05 – What happens when I overclock my CPU?
3:54 – What type of CPU cooler do I need?
4:50 – Myths and facts about AiOC
11:30 – What to do/check before enabling ASUS AiOC
14:32 – Enabling ASUS AiOC
16:00 –…