AtlasOS on a Low End Laptop – Best OS for Minecraft FPS Boost. Watch and you’ll find out

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In today’s video I decided to try to and install AtlasOS my low end laptop to see if an optimised version of Windows with little to no background apps or processes will help improve our FPS and performance on Minecraft.

If you saw my last video where I showed you How To Optimize Low-End Laptops and Boost Minecraft FPS I tried many things with not much luck so in this video I swapped out the SSD and tried a new OS. This is a series of videos I do on my channel where I get an old laptop and see how I can make it better for Minecraft PVP.

Lets see what results I get using this custom version of Windows 10 20H1 from the same people that bought us Tweak Central and Azurite.

This version of Windows optimises Windows settings, removes all bloatware from the OS and removes privacy intrusive telemetry services from…