I’ve played this game for a while now, and these are the best graphic settings you can do on a POCO X3 PRO.

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Note: I didn’t want to make this video any longer so here’s my explanation and other suggestions.
Vulkan is better suited for higher end chipsets.
OpenGL is not suited for poco x3 pro I was experiencing major render lag, frame drops and heating issues while on OpenGL. From the moment I switched back to Vulkan life has been better (No fps drops, No lag, No heating issues). Also, I felt Lite was too bad visually the graphics looked washed out and it didn’t stop there sometimes there was render lag too. If you’re experiencing frame drops or render lag in “Lite” graphics switch to at least Medium or High as sometimes I did feel ‘Ultra’ was smoother than ‘Lite’ it’s quite weird that it works this way but it does. If it works fine and you can bear then you should stick to ‘Lite’ as it’s very easy and effortless to spot enemies in ‘Lite’