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Android 12 has recently launched for a lot of devices and people are really excited to get their hands on and try android 12. Although very few devices other than the Google pixel 6 and Google pixel 6 pro have Andrea 12 available some devices already have parts of the android open doors hardware. I was able to get a stable version of android 12 running on my non-pixel 6 phone. I was really excited to try the Google pixel software and get my hands on android 12 to review it. But the more I have used android 12 the more I’m beginning to think that android 12 might be a mess.

0:00-0:47 Intro
0:48-1:20 Android 12 Color extraction
1:21-02:30 Android 12 Widgets
02:31-03:16 Android 12 Quick Settings
03:17-07:08 Android 12, My final Thoughts


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