2021 MacBook Pro How to create custom color preset, fine tune & custom calibrate miniLED displays for color critical workflow. This is a quick start guide that get right into the entire calibration workflow on these new Liquid Retina XDR (miniLED) displays inside the new 14″ & 16″ MacBook Pro. Starting with how to create a custom Reference / Preset mode for the display to control brightness, Fine Tune the white point on the display using Calibrite & X-Rite devices that are compatible with ColorChecker Profiler / i1Profiler and doing a full custom color calibration which is not advisable yet since there are still the matrix data for these new miniLED displays are not available yet. This guide will also help avoid spending $15000+ on a color radiometer, if you don’t already have and save you from learning how to use it, if you have not used one in the past already.

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