How to edit FASTER in Fortnite! Fortnite Ps4/Xbox editing Tips! As well as Fortnite Console + Controller tips to edit faster in Fortnite! In this video I share a few really good ways to practice editing in Fortnite so that you can edit faster on Console/Controller Fortnite. These tips don’t just apply to Ps4/Xbox Fortnite players but as well to pc players to help them improve their editing speed and become a more dominate and well rounded Fortnite player. I will also be discussing my controller deadzones in my Fortnite settings and how Fortnite sensitivity also has a big role in how fast a player can edit on controller! LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more Fortnite Tips and Tricks videos!

0:00 – Intro / VBucks GIVEAWAY!
1:31 – How to Edit FASTER! (Single Edits)
4:27 – How to Edit FASTER! (Double Edits)
8:24 – Outro

🖥️ Gaming PC
🔸 GPU – RTX 3080
🔸 CPU – i9 10900k
🔸 Ram 32gb
🔸 Motherboard…