This video provides a full overview of an ASUS Exclusive DDR5 feature with ASUS Enhanced Memory Profile. This exciting feature allows you to get more out of your non-XMP DDR5 memory modules quickly and easily. By enabling the option in the UEFI BIOS and selecting either profile 1 for tighter timings or profile 2 for higher frequencies and possibly lower timings, you can get even more out of your DDR5 with the click of a button.

For those that are not aware non-XMP memory will generally feature a “locked” voltage range which is defined by the PMIC ( voltage regulation on the memory ). ASUS AEMP design allows us to bypass this limitation and allow more voltage, and then apply carefully tuned profiles for a broad range of DDR5 based ICs ( Micron, SK-Hynix, Samsung ) to allow you to have access to two profiles.

In this case, we can take this 4800 kit of C40,40,40 memory and overclock it to a kit of 6000MHz with timings 38,38,38!

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