This video has step by step guide on how to jailbreak any idevice (ipads or iphones )which run ipad os or ios 9.3.5.
Before you start the process BACK UP your device just in case. There will be NO data loss however is better to be safe than sorry!
Once you have backed up you will need the following software … 3 utools is a free software and really useful for ios and ipad os devices .
Download 3utools from here:
Watch the video from the start to end so you won’t miss any steps!
Once Jailbroken go to cydia and download AppAdmin and you will be able to download the app that you want and downgrade it at the specific version that your ios/ipados device supports!
If you have any questions , leave them on comments section and I will help you as much as I can !
With jailbreak you give to your old and unsupported device new perspective … you give it new life !
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