Corsair Virtuoso SE RGB Wireless Headset Review

The Corsair Virtuoso SE is an expensive Wireless RGB headset. And the question I’m sure you’re looking to answer is, is it worth it’s over 200 US dollar asking price? In this video review we take a look at what all comes in the box, what the overall construction quality of the Virtuoso SE headset is like, what the sound quality is like, how the advertised microphone sounds (Corsair advertises the mic on the Virtuoso as being “Broadcast Quality” and the best sounding headset microphone out there, which of course we needed to put to the test) and the reason I played over 40 hours of Fortnite… to see just how long the battery lasts when in wireless mode. So buckle up, because it’s time to find out if the Corsair Virtuoso SE RGB is among the best wireless gaming headsets on the market today.

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