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The steps to download Cydia
1 go to settings
2 go to safari
3 and clear history and website data
4 and go to battery
5 turn off low power mode
6 go to safari
7 and search for
8 tap install taig
9 go to settings
10 download the profile
11 and go to Home Screen
12 go to taig
13 and search for Cydia
14 download Cydia by profile
15 and go to Home Screen
16 Congratulations you got Cydia ✅
This version of Cydia is 9/10 percent of the full version so I will be little different then you think it is . But it 100 % verified ✅ and don’t worry it will works all the time . You can download some tweaks of it . For example iOS 6 theme
You can download it and add…