iOS 15 Bypass Hello Screen (World’s First) with – LPro Magic Hello v1.0 [AUTO Method Tutorial]

Supported Models:
All iPhone 6S till iPhone X iOS 15 (NO SIGNAL, iCloud 100%, APP Store 100%)
iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2, iPad 2017

– DCSD Cable/Magico/iRepair
– MacBook with Fast Internet
– Hello Screen Device

Step 1: Put DFU Mode
Step 2: Preload PwnDFU
Step 3: Preload Device(The Device Screen Will Turn Purple)

Change USB Cable = DCSD Cable at This Stage. Proceed to Step 4

Step 4: Preload Check(The Device Will Restart)

Preload Check Button The Function is to change the Serial Number of the Device

After the operation is Complete, the Device will automatically Restart

Step 5: Enter DFU Mode Again

Step 6: Run PwnDFU
Step 7: Boot Device
Step 8: Check SSH (Wait for the Button to light up to become this Check SSH ✔️)
Step 9: Activation Device
Wait for the Device to turn on and the Device is Successfully Activated

Thats Not All. Follow Manual…