Linux is an open source, highly customizable OS, and it has been called the backbone of the internet. It is the number 1 choice of operating system for servers around the world, the linux kernel is used in Android for over 2 billion devices, many modern cars rely on linux, as do smart devices, and even the International Space Station.

But is it the right OS for you?
There are many different versions of Linux, called Distros, and in this video we will go over 5 popular OSs and their use cases.

00:00 Intro
01:19 What is Linux?
02:16 Free, Open and Permissive
04:04 Privacy
04:27 Stability
06:04 Ubuntu
07:18 Debian
08:19 Qubes OS
10:13 Pop!_OS
12:06 Linux Mint
13:06 Gaming Considerations
14:02 Is Linux Right For You?

Masses of people are moving away from mainstream operating systems that capture heaps of data about you, and towards more private systems like many of those based on Linux. If you’re getting your feet wet for the first time, be sure to check out our upcoming Ubuntu…