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Learn how to design a UI for a .NET MAUI app using XAML


Learning objectives

– The benefits of using XAML over defining the UI for a .NET MAUI app in C#
– The types available for defining a .NET MAUI app using XAML, and the properties these types expose
– How to handle UI events and wire them up in XAML
– How to create and use XAML mark-up extensions
– How to set platform-specific values in XAML mark-up


00:00 – Welcome
07:16 – Learning objectives​ and introduction
09:38 – Benefits of using XAML​
24:15 – Knowledge Check​
27:08 – Types and properties in .NET MAUI XAML
39:40 – Knowledge Check​
41:45 – Event handling in XAML​
46:20 – Knowledge…