We analyse firmware update 04.30.10 for the LG CX OLED TV, which added 4K@120Hz Dolby Vision gaming support for the Xbox Series X, but there’re at least 6 new features/ tweaks in this firmware version that were not documented in the release notes:

0:00 4K@120Hz Dolby Vision!
0:21 Undocumented feature #1
1:07 Undocumented feature #2
1:56 Undocumented feature #3
2:34 Undocumented feature #4
2:58 Undocumented feature #5
5:15 Undocumented feature #6
6:22 Why 8b YCbCr422?
7:16 Dolby Vision or HDR10 gaming?

Our firmware analysis was carried out on a 48-inch LG CX, model number LG OLED48CX, but the findings should also apply to the LG GX with the same Alpha 9 gen 3 (codename O20) chipset.

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