Gaming on M1 Max MacBook Pro with Fortnite set to 1080P HD and the graphics settings totally maxed out with the Epic preset. The frame rate never drops below 60FPS and sometimes gets as high as 120FPS.

While this does sound impressive, in my opinion it isn’t as this is the M1 Max MacBook Pro with the 32 GPU cores and it also has 32GB RAM. I’d really expect this performance and gameplay graphics at 4K with a minimum of 60FPS.

I will do a couple of videos soon where I find the best Fortnite settings on M1 Max for 60 FPS in 4K and hopefully 120FPS in 1080P HD.


00:00 Intro
01:16 Kill 1
02:20 Kill 2
04:07 Kill 3
05:14 Kill 4
05:24 Kill 5
06:41 Kill 6
07:16 I’m a goner 🙂

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