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MacBook Pro 16″ i9/5500m:
MacBook Pro 16″ i7/5300m:
2TB SanDisk USB-C SSD (shown):

1TB Samsung USB-C SSD:

The 2019 MacBook Pro 16″ really surprised me when it came to gaming performance. I’m a graphic designer, and this laptop lets me work on Adobe CC stuff away from home – I had planned on just messing around with Bootcamp gaming to see what the 5500m could do, but after futzing with it for a couple days, the performance of the new MacBook Pro with the AMD Navi 7nm graphics really blew me away.

The new revision of MacsFanControl was also really a gamechanger in the viability and convenience of bootcamp gaming on Apple systems with the T2 Security chip, so I felt like I had to put this video out now.

I hope this video helps someone out there get their game on – drop a comment down below and subscribe to…