The GPU Tweak III voltage-frequency tuner streamlines manual overclocking or undervolting through its intuitive interface. Beyond just giving a basic overview of the VF Tuner functionality, this video shows a typical workflow for optimizing the performance of Nvidia GPUs.

The main parts of this video are listed here:

00:00 Introduction
00:14 Prepare the system for overclocking
00:46 Set up a quick VF curve
01:30 Fine-tune individual points

To download GPU Tweak III, go to the website here:

After watching the video, read below for some extra tips & tricks regarding the VF Tuner.

Power Target, GPU Voltage, and Memory Clock:

Out of the core overclocking functions, the VF Tuner only controls the same space as the GPU Clock slider. To get the most performance out of the graphics card, it is still recommended to tune the other sliders. In particular, the Power Target and GPU Voltage influence how far along the voltage-frequency curve that the boost…