E271 PiMiga 2.0 X64 – A linux emulation system using ScalosWB replacement, to emulate “what could have been” in a “amiga like” experience. 64bit OS and 64b Amiberry emulator results in over 1360 MIPS, 1.3 million dhrystones and over 355 Mflops! 2479 times faster than an Amiga 600.

***Note this is non working. YOU choose to make it functional by using your purchased or owned roms***

The Words*Pimiga* and the*Pimiga logo* are registered trademarks.
Resale is not permitted and sharing this is not permitted.

New core os (Debian Buster10 x64) , i2c support, new Amiberry (3.1.5 x64bit). Additional controller support. usb/ Microsd boot, Zeb’s EAB whdload pack /oct 2021 , music mods, demos and more. Call BBS systems over the internet, browse the web like its 1994, much much more. –

This is NOT for resale.

** I wanted this to pay homage to the greatest computer system ever. THIS IS NOT PERFECT!
Tweaks WILL be needed for your setup!
audio buffers from 8 to 2 or off…