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Time Stamps:
00:00 Intro
4:00 Talking about the price increase
6.20 Point Shop
9:00 Final Review
10:23 Centralized Exchanges
14:36 Why is Xweb3 Minted?
17:00 Miner
20:10 API and APY
24:18 Hall of fame NFT
25:50 Different Styles of Investing
27:00 Wrapped Web3
31:00 Clearing about Xweb3
33:20 Potential Exploits
34:50 Fees
38:20 NFT Claim
40:00 Questions from Chat
45:30 How to generate Miners?
48:30 Auditing
50:51 Can we buy decimals of xWeb3
51:21 Reward erosion on miner function?
53:10 Hall of fame NFTs
56:16 Will Web3 Rebase continue if we don’t wrap?
56:32 Will the price of Wrapped Web3 never go down?
57:10 When will…