I debated uploading this for a really long time, as it’s very long even with a lot of editing. I would recommend watching the first minute and a half for a brief summary of the biggest keybinds to change, and watching the rest if you want to deep dive into my preferred keybinds, graphics, settings and why I use those settings.

The main bad default settings are:
Combined jump/vault keys
Aim/ADS on the same key
Reset reticle and quick maker on same key
Action queueing off by default
Default vehicle seat swap keybinds are bad

Credit to Akasharoo for the outro 🙂

I plan on doing separate videos for graphics and audio settings in the future to dive deeper into these topics and provide some more frame by frame examples.

Let me know if you like these longer videos or would prefer more shorter, simple videos that illustrate a single point.

0:00 Bad Default Settings Summarized
1:50 Gameplay Settings
5:03 Keybinds
9:35 Controls
10:20 Audio
11:00 Graphics
13:33 NVIDIA Control Panel…