If you have a PowKiddy RGB10 Max, this video will show you how to set up the device from scratch, to include upgrading the SD card, operating system, and user experience. This starter guide will also apply to the RGB10 Max 2 and the ODROID Go Super.

RGB10 Max:
RGB10 Max 2:

Full written guide:

00:00 introduction
01:50 RGB10 Max 2 announcement
02:34 Russ is a big liar
02:57 extract BIOS files from the old card
04:41 install RetroOZ
07:04 add BIOS and games to RetroOZ
09:40 RetroOZ orientation
11:56 adding boxart and media
14:13 changing emulators
16:46 screen configuration tips
19:51 NDS and other handheld systems
23:30 summary and conclusion

Outro song: “Rosetta” by T-120 (used with permission):…