I was inspired to do this test by this video

But decided to do it the other way by not undervolting. I wonder if any of these tweaks involve lessening EMI.

Drive Link:

low latency Mode: ultra
display scaling, aspect ratio.
HAGS on.

Big stutters/ freezes in Apex are mostly due to the servers, tests were done in Hong Kong server.
I’ll assume I have the dirtiest power here as Philippines doesn’t have proper grounding.

RTX 3070
i7 9700k 4.8 core 4.6 uncore 1.35vcore 1.15 vcccsa/vccio
3200 cl 13, I cba to list timings, asrock timing configurator doesnt work on my pc
ASUS vg259qm, overdrive 120, shadow boost level 2, racing mode, 280hz displayport, gsync off
Discord running in background in all tests
Corsair k65 rgb mini
logitech g pro superlight
fiio dac
behringer umc22
samson c01 mic
wacom ctl 672, drivers not installed, connected.
Intel i210…