In this video I will be taking a look at a distro called Spiral Linux, created by the same developer that creates the Gecko Linux spins, he has admired and used Debian for many years and was inspired to create a spin of Debian that can make it user friendly for new users. In my opinion I think he has achieved that and although there’s nothing flashy about Spiral Linux I believe it fits the place of new user status. Hope you enjoy the video.

Spiral Linux – 00:00
Skip Intro/Start Installation – 11:20
Post Install – 13:33
Installed Applications – 15:01
Gnome Software – 17:29
Updates – 19:33
Post Updates – 20:44
LibreOffice and Backports – 21:38
Other Software Versions and Backport availability – 22:52
Upgrading With Synaptic Package Manager – 23:49
DVD Playback and Codecs Install – 31:08
Firmware and Additional Drivers – 37:22
Outro – 39:37

DVD Playback Codecs (Commands)
sudo apt install ffmpeg
sudo apt install lame
sudo apt install…