Should you buy the M2 MacBook Air or the M2 MacBook Pro? Apple sort of made a mess with the M2 MacBook Pro and M2 the MacBook Air. You see – just like with the previous models, we have 2 very capable laptops. But when we look at pricing and features – I’m not sure the MacBook Pro makes a whole lotta sense – with maybe two exceptions. Now, I bought all of these laptops with my own money and I’m going to help you get more by paying less.

Both laptops start out with 8GB of unified memory and 256GB of storage. The M2 MacBook Air sells for $1200, and the M2 MacBook Pro sells for $1300 – so we’re looking at a $100 difference – which is not much separation.

With the M1 model, there was a $300 difference between the two base models, and the more expensive MacBook Pro had some better features, but this year it’s not that simple.

So let’s take a look at both of these from the perspective of an everyday user and I’ll also add some context for more demanding users.