The M-Audio Oxygen Pro Mini is an amazing portable controller if you’re just learning to play keyboard, or you’re a seasoned player trying to get into computer audio & midi! In this video I talk about using the USB powered M Audio Oxygen Pro Mini standalone without any DAW and how to use the included virtual instruments such as the Mini Grand (Piano sounds), Hybrid 3 (Synth sounds), and the Velvet (Electric Piano sounds).

It’s as simple as plugging the Oxygen Pro Mini into the computer and pulling up the virtual instruments to jump right in and start playing! If you’re a beginner that’s just starting out and want something that is going to grow with you I think the M Audio Oxygen Pro Mini is a great option to just plug and play, but also have the ability to learn computer recording and DAW’s as you grow!

I also give some tips on how to fix latency and talk about the transition from just playing virtual instruments to actually starting to learn and use a DAW!