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Nexus LiteOS 10 is a pre-tweaked Windows 10 image to improve gaming performance/privacy and overall stability of system
This build is based on Windows 10 LTSC 1809 (17763.2565) ISO
ISO Size :- 2.7Gb

Removal/Disabled Features :-

🔰 Bloatware Free
🔰 Improved Privacy
🔰 Improved Performance
🔰 Lower Latency
🔰 Custom Powerplan for better performance
🔰 Low resource consumption
🔰 Removed Telemtry
🔰 Update Paused till 2050 (Resume if you need updates)
🔰 Support Multi-language
🔰 No stock driver removed

Note :- All the (Disabled) features can be enabled using ToolKit

Info :-

Added tons of tweaks
Low resource consuming
Better FPS at Games
Added Custom PowerPlan
Focused on Low Latency + Max Performance
Great for 4GB RAM Users (recommended 4GB+)