Increase FPS in games and make your device faster with one click!

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Winged FPS Game Booster App Link

Stop losing games due to LAG or freezes!!!

Winged FPS Game Booster will unlock the maximum power of your device and take your gaming experience to the next level!

Automatically boost CPU, RAM optimize your gaming disk at its maximum performance.

You will also be able to carry out connection tests whenever you want to check if your internet and signal level are compatible for the game, and all this at no cost.

🔥 Features of this app

✓ Open your games in one place.
✓ One-touch system and game BOOST.
✓ Fast Speedtest with PING option

🔥 Turbo Boost

✓ Checks system stability and fixes issues
✓ Boost device for benchmarks
✓ Use artificial intelligence to optimize your device for the game
✓ Clean Memory to Tweak RAM
✓ Free up memory as much as possible